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DIRECLOGS from DIRECTELEMATICS provides you with distinct vehicle metrics, and around-the-clock insight into driver and vehicle location, all-in-all a better way for fleet managers to manage assets and optimize business operations.  DIRECLOGS brings you easy to see, hi-res touchscreens and easy to hear, extra loud speakers.   Your driver just inputs the specs of their rig and load. DIRECLOGS uses their profile to find the most efficient route across the U.S. and Canada and alerts them to conditions that could affect them along the way.  This is GPS for trucks. Rely on advanced technology to help your drivers navigate complicated interchanges and keep them informed about the latest road conditions ahead.  Along the route, quickly and easily find points of interest that matter to professional drivers.  Your driver records fuel usage; DIRECLOGS automatically records IFTA mileage.  Your driver logs their hours and status; DIRECLOGS alerts to potential HOS violations.

After you try DIRECLOGS from DIRECTELEMATICS, you'll ask yourself... how did you ever manage without it?


  • Maximize dispatch efficiencies with Satellite map view and find nearest vehicle 
  • Map Breadcrumb Trails for analyzing vehicle events
  • Route Geofencing to monitor and curb out–of–route driving
  • Polygonal Geofencing for terminals, customer locations and more
  • Configurable Geofence Groups for streamlined arrival and departure reporting
  • Vehicle detention reporting within all Geofences of a Geofence Group
  • Automated arrival and departure notifications null