Industry Challenges

Construction is a labor intensive job involving multiple tools, machinery, vehicles, and people. There are always new ways to make construction easier to do, more efficient, and, most importantly, more secure.

Business Needs

How are you currently monitoring your employees, equipment, vehicles, and other assets? In what ways can your company improve on efficiency and productivity of your employees? What benefits can GPS tracking have on your platform?


With a GPS tracking platform, construction companies can equip themselves with the tools and resources to increase productivity and efficiency by cutting out waste. They can more efficiently deploy employees and equipment to construction sites, keep tabs on time-wasting employees, and track high-risk assets.



The DIRECTELEMATICS GPS tracking platform allows for construction companies to track assets both during the workday and after hours. It also allows employers to monitor employee habits that could be wasteful. A variety of devices can be deployed to vehicles, tools, trailer mounted compressors / generators, light poles, storage boxes and even workers with customizable properties such as alerts, trigger points, pressure sensors and much much more!


Creating solutions for a construction company requires durable GPS devices and a variety of work-tested sensors. Construction companies that need a wide deployment of vehicle tracking can use one of the many durable asset-tracking devices we offer. With many of these devices, the construction companies can also install a variety of sensors to gather data about the various vehicles and other equipment that are in operation on a construction site. PTO switches can be used to determine when a separate vehicle system, such as lift device or cement mixer, is activated and shut down. Vehicles can also be equipped with fuel sensors to ensure that vehicles always have a healthy level of fuel to avoid work construction stoppage. Even a temperature probe can be used to determine if an engine or other piece of equipment is getting to an unhealthy temperature, in order to avoid equipment damage. In addition to equipment and vehicle construction solution, there are also solutions for individuals on the construction site. This ensures that all workers are safe, secure, and in case of emergency…., accounted for. Devices such as a compact personal GPS Tracking Device can be used to track an individual worker and monitored via our 24 Hour Monitoring Service. With the DIRECTELEMATICS platform integrated with any of these solutions, managers and executives can be sure that their construction operation is operating in an efficient and productive way.