Industry Challenges

Cable and satellite (DTH) companies need to be able to respond to their customers in a quick and efficient way. With a GPS Tracking platform, they can increase productivity while also being able to track their vehicles, installers, and other assets for greater security.

Objective Questions

How can you monitor your workers and their progress? What solutions besides tracking can you use a GPS tracking platform for? Do you want to know where your employees and assets are?


Monitor where your assets, vehicles, and employees are at all times. Be able to determine who is closest to a specific location, minimize travel time and increase customer satisfaction by allowing customers to track the progress of your service team.


With the DIRECTELEMATICS GPS tracking platform, dispatchers can track where installers are using many different GPS device options. Not only can these devices track assets, but also they can track a variety conditions such as open doors, running engines, and even temperature conditions.


The new Open Layer Mapping feature on the DIRECTELEMATICS GPS tracking platform is an incredible tool for businesses that need customizable map data. This makes it easy for cable & telecom companies to overlay their custom cable grid over the map in theDIRECTELEMATICS platform. Most companies won’t need a high-end GPS tracking device, so a simple GPS Tracking Unit powered off the OBDII Port with a backup battery and multi-port I/O options, is a very economical choice for widespread deployment. In addition to tracking vehicles and other assets, they can also use integrated PTO sensors for their cherry picker and ladder equipment to record when and where a piece of equipment is being used as well as our "Routing & Dispatch" Solution for a more efficient operation.