Welcome! Companies that rely on fleet vehicles on a "day-to-day" basis to provide services and products to their customers can experience very real and tangible financial benefits with GPS Fleet Tracking from DIRECTELEMATICS.

Using DIRECTELEMATICS' GPS vehicle tracking essentially puts you in the passenger seat of every truck in your fleet. By tracking your assets, you can significantly reduce costs and improve productivity as well as gain complete control over your fleet.


We Are


DIRECTELEMATICS is a global leader in Location-Based Services delivered via a mobile device. We understand our clients' business and their needs, empowering them with the tools...


Fuel Cost


If this is the only reason you start tracking vehicle location and performance, it's sure to payoff! GPS Fleet Tracking with DIRECTELEMATICS' has been proven to reduce fuel costs time and time again.



  • 100+ Manufacturers Integrated                           
  • Simple to Complex Tracking Solutions
  • 1,000+ Device Library currently Integrated
  • Custom Backend Integration available

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